Chikka Configuration Instructions for Text Messaging

Just follow the simple procedure below:

  1. Run the Chikka SMS client. The lastest version is here.
  2. Left-click the Chikka icon on the system tray on the lower right corner of your desktop/screen.

  1. From the pop-up menu that appears, select Preferences.

  2. The Preferences window will open. Make sure the the option Use HTTP always is NOT checked. Click the Ok button to close the Preferences window.

  1. Left-click again on the Chikka system tray icon, then select Connection Options.

  2. The Server Configuration window will open. Make your settings as follows:

    • Server IP: Server Port: 443

    • Clear Auto Configure Connection

    • Check Use Proxy Server

    • Proxy Host: Port: 3128

    • Protocol: HTTPS

    • Check Authentication

    • Enter anything for Username: and Password:
      (e.g. Username: "abc"; Password: "123")

  1. Click the Update button to save options and close the current window. You will be returned to the Login window.
  2. Login normally.