Guidelines for the Mail System

The new mail system is on the e-mail server,, and will host new user accounts under the domain.

It is intended as an upgrade and replacement for accounts of Ateneo de Manila University employees hosted on, which will still be maintained as the mail server for the rest of the Loyola Heights campus community.

What can we do with spam?

What will happen to my Pusit account?

How do I migrate my Pusit account?


  • The policies for the new system can be found here.
  • Users have the responsibility, and a personal stake, in securing their accounts. Some basic guidelines on how to select a good password can be found here.
  •  Important email DOs and DON'Ts. Account Activation Procedure

  1. Download the application form in [PDF] or [DOC] format.
  2. Accomplish the application form in duplicate, and forward, either in person or by courier, to the Campus Network Group Office at Faber 311 (campus local 4185/4186).

    NOTE: Users who already have dialup accounts need not check the box for "Dialup".

  3. The duplicate copy of the application form, together with the new user's login information, will be ready for pickup two working days from receipt. If pickup is not possible, the sealed form will be sent out via campus mail to the user's office.

Accounts can be accessed from anywhere through a web interface located at On campus, Outlook 2000, Outlook Express 5, Eudora 5.1.1, and Netscape 7.0 can also be used with an encrypted version of the POP protocol.

Instructions on configuring these mail clients can be found here.

Sample screenshots of the web interface can be found here.